Stacey Morin

I had a great experience working with Debi and Casey. I was buying and selling all at once and they were both wonderful putting our my mind at ease amidst my anxiety of how stressful it was. Debi and Casey are professional and accessible and quick to answer every question, large or small, in the home buying and selling process. I felt informed every step of the way. I would definitely recommend the Redingtons. You will be well taken care of.

Julie Reynolds

Debi and Casey hiked to the mountains and back to sell our home in Peoria Heights.

The transaction was complex, and I I can’t imagine having the same wonderful experience with anyone else - in large part because I can’t imagine anyone else would have worked so tirelessly on our behalf. Thank you, Guys, for everything!

Jose and Nereida Avendano

Debi and Casey were extraordinary when we were looking for our home in Dunlap, IL. Their promptness, house market knowledge, strategic mindset, kindness, and good disposition made a potentially chaotic purchase process simple. We were in Texas, the seller was eager to close on the house mid January, and we were not able to travel at that time. Therefore, the Redingtons made all the necessary arrangements so we could close on the house with no travel required. The Redingtons made the buying process easy and convenient for all parties. If we texted or called them for an update or for additional information, they promptly responded. They have many connections in town so we were able to secure all the inspections in a timely manner. It was really a pleasure to work with them. We highly recommend Debi and Casey. Thanks for all your work.

Dustin Mahrt

I interviewed several realtors when it came time to sell my house, and I couldn’t have made a better choice than with the Redington's. I know that they are professional, knowledgeable, reliable, honest, hard-working, very tolerant as I know I’m not easy to deal with… Nothing less but the best. I wish that I could have the Redington‘s help me find a house outside of Illinois because they know all the questions, and they find out all the answers. Wise and knowledgeable are two words that are under statements to what is needed to buy or sell a house, and they have the experience to go beyond what I think anyone else would have. That’s my experience, and if you have a good feeling, I would go with the Redington's.

George & Sara Melton

Debi- Everything went well with the Redington's move - before, during, and after the sale. We were in another state for much of the time. We highly recommend Redington's, and are glad for the opportunity to say so.